4-way pallet jack, four way pallet jack, 4way pallet jack  

  • 4 way pallet jack, 4-way pallet truck
  • Lift-Rite LCR Series standard hand pallet jack trucks with ergonomic handle
    Raymond ergonomic lift trucks


    Ergonomic Loop Handle >
  • lift rite 4-way pallet jack, 4 way entry pallet truck
    Raymond engineers productive lift trucks


    1 3/4" inch utra low profile beveled fork tips >
  • 4way pallet jack, 4-way hand pallet truck
    Raymond durable lift trucks


    One-piece leak-proof cast hydraulic pump >
  • 4 way pallet jack, 4way pallet truck
    Raymond durable lift trucks

    Reinforced Frame

    Heavy-duty bulkhead pins and reinforced sleeves providing strength at critical pivot points >
    Reinforced Frame
  • Lift-Rite Hand Pallet Truck Warranty
    Raymond durable lift trucks


    Two (2) year hydraulic pump warranty >

Designed For Efficiency. Made For Working.

The Lift-Rite Low Profile 4 Way Pallet Truck allows operators to handle 4 way entry pallets easily in all four directions for maximization of warehouse space and trailer load density. A unique design enable forks to fit into the side openings of four-way pallets for greater versatility in your application. In addition, the ergonomic handle provides convenient access to lift, lower and neutral. Lift-Rite 4 way low profile pallet trucks are ideal for operations where space is limited.

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  • Capacity: 5,000 lbs
  • Overall Width: 33 inches
  • Fork Lengths: 40, 48 inches
  • Lowered Fork Height: 2 inches

Debris Diverter for Hand Pallet Trucks

  • pallet jack attachment

    Divert Debris Away From Your Wheels

    This unique attachment diverts items away from the steer tires on a hand pallet truck, allowing smoother, easier, more reliable travel in a variety of environments.

  • pallet jack debris diverter

    Easier Steering, Smoother Travel

    By preventing foreign objects from getting under the steer tires of hand pallet trucks, the Debris Diverter delivers more consistent, reliable travel for easier operation and more precise, predictable travel.

  • pallet truck attachment

    Truer Steering For Your Fleet

    A Lift-Rite exclusive, the attachment is available on most new Lift-Rite models or as a retrofit for virtually any pallet jack in your fleet. It quickly and easily attaches to most brands of hand pallet trucks.