Stainless Steel

Hand Pallet Jack

The Lift-Rite Stainless Steel Hand Pallet Truck is specially designed for corrosive environments and other applications that demand high standards of hygiene, such as food processing, pharmaceutical and marine industries. Manufactured entirely of stainless steel or other corrosive resistant materials, the Lift-Rite Stainless Steel Pallet Truck is engineered for reliability and long life in these tough work conditions.

Capacity: 4,400 lbs
Overall Widths: 20.5, 27 inches
Fork Length: 48 inches
  • Fork Frame Pump

    Stainless Steel Fork Frame and Hydraulic Pump >
    Fork Frame Pump
  • Handle

    Ergonomic tear-drop handle design >
  • Protected Finish

    Suitable for wash-downs >
    Protected Finish
  • Frame

    Glass Blasted Frame Finish for Easy Cleaning >
  • Grease Fittings

    10 grease fittings provide convenient maintenance points >
    Grease Fittings